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Pratheek Sethi.jpg

Prateek Sethi

Founder, Trip Creative Services

Animator, producer, director, designer, aerial cinematographer, ex host of the hit kids science curiosity based show - FAQ on Pogo, Cartoon Network

Isabell Herguera (1).png

Isabel Herguera

Film Maker

She blends animation, sculpture and video - producing films like "Safari" and "Song of the Round Trip". She also founded an animation studio in LA

Karen hauser.jpg

Karin Hauser

Freelance Illustrator,
Graphic Designer

She blends animation, sculpture and video - producing films like "Safari" and "Song of the Round Trip". She also founded an animation studio in LA

She blends animation, sculpture and video - producing films like "Safari" and "Song of the Round Trip". She also founded an animation studio in LA

Karin graduated with a degree in illustration from the Lucerne School of Art and Design. Her heart beats for quiet little stories from everyday life with humor.

Angel Peris.jpg

Angel Peris

Visual Artist

Majored in Fine Arts- Polytechnic University of Valencia, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), MFA at China Academy of Art (CAA) 

Aby Abraham.png

Aby Abraham

Assistant Professor, VISH, VITAP

Dr Pawan Sudhir.png

Dr. Pawan Sudhir

HOD, Education in Art & Aesthetics,

Gayathri menon.jpg

Gayathri Menon

Design Educator

Francois chalet.jpg

François Chalet

Illustrator, Animator, Director

He teaches expanded animation at Lucerne University of Art & Design. He's a regular juror and speaker at international conferences

Troy Vasant.png

Troy Vasant

Co - founder, Blackbird Design

Tushar Sonkar (1).png

Tushaar Sonkar

Communication Designer

Vani Chutani.png

Vani Chutani

Art Director,

Visual Storyteller

Vani's art process is Experimental, with bold outputs. She has worked with brands to design visual languages through her art.

Varun Pitchuka.png

Varun Pitchuka

Block Print Artist

Ramesh Ramanadhan.png

Ramesh Ramanadham

Craft Revivalist, 
Handloom &Handicraft Expert

Engaged with 26,400 people through seminars, workshops and presentations on the “The Cultural Heritage of Indian Handlooms Handicrafts” to create a balanced cultural connect.

Rajesh thakare.jpg

Rajesh Thakare

Co founder - Blackbird Design

sharmila nagaraju.jpeg

Dr. Sharmila N

Design Educator

Sudha Palepu.JPG

Sudha Palepu

Natural Pigment Artist

Sudha extracts colours from nature to make inks and pigments. She then uses them to create detailed, ephemeral artworks.


Manisha Naskar

Illustrator and Animator

Kurma nadham (1).png

Kurma Nadham

Print Maker, Artist

Saksham (1).png

Saksham Singh

Experience Planner, Samsung

Derives purpose by contributing his design abilities towards Earth & Ecologically sound causes, and bridge our relationship with the Earth.

Gianmarco  (1).png


Editor, Sound Designer

IMG_3243 (1).png

Preeti Agarwal

Visual Artist

Sanjoyana (1).png


Illustrator, Communication Designer

Diego herguera.png

Diego Herguera

Founder, Studio El Palmeral

Deepak singh.png

Deepak Kumar

Architect, Faculty @ SPA-V


Dr. Partha Bhattacharjee

Comic Art, Graphic Novelist


Ram Kamal

Senior Advisor, Samagra Shiksha,
Govt. of AP


Simona Nobile

Screenwriter, Script Consultant

Lakshmi Menon.png

Lakshmi Menon

Chekutty Dolls



Creator - Proto Village

Kalyan has been working in a drought-prone village called Tekulodu, one of the poorest districts in India, building ProtoVillage.

Keerti Bollineni.png

Dr. Keerthi Bollineni

President - Vasavya Mahila Mandali

Himanshu vor.png

Himanshu Vora


Manmohan  (1).png

Manmohan Vashisht

Designer, Type Professional


Priyam Chatterjee

Anne Doshi .png

Anne Doshi

Aniverse & Visual Art Foundation

Joel Friedman.png

Joel Freidman

Head of Innovation Service-
Satellite Applications Catapult

For the last 10 years he has worked in the space sector, exploring how space tech can be applied to solve complex challenges.
He co-founded the DiSC- Designers in Space Community

K gangadaran.png

K Gangadhar

Master Block Maker



Dr Rajasekharan Mohan .png

Dr. Rajasekharan M

AIIMS Mangalagiri


Arnab Senapati

Discipline Coordinator, TAD, NIDAP

Deepthi .png

Deepthi Varghese

Architect, SPA V

Shruti chilka.png

Shrutika Chilka

Freelance Designer - Healthcare


Ashish Thulkar

Senior Technical Instructor, Faculty, Designer, NIDAP



About Helvetiq

Ankita kink.png

Ankita Kini

Visual Artist, Story teller


Ram Mattegunta

Design Educator, Professional



Faculty, NIDAP


Sanjeet Varma

Faculty, NIDAP

Upasana bhandari.png

Upasana Bhandari

Design Educator and Reseacher

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