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The Moo Returns!

Chitrakatha is back! This biennale international student design festival celebrates storytelling, design process, alternative media, narratives and promotes design from India.

This year, join us for 5 days of design talks, panel discussions, artisans workshops stakeholders' meetings, exhibitions, case studies, project pitches and performances with experts across, NID Alumni, professionals, performers and students from creative communities.


This year's poster features Eve's Apple,

Yin and Yang, the Hatching Egg,

Wish- fulfilling Cow, a Blooming Lotus Flower,  Planets representing the Femi9 cycle, a Femi9 Rocket taking off, and the Man's Head of old fashioned thoughts. 


Poster: Karin Hauser

The Femi9 Universe

A challenge for stakeholders of this planet to revisit their being in relation to others!

Post the pandemic, we are limping back to normalcy. We see war at some places. On the other hand, the power of internet is ushering
in a new era - An era where we break the stereotypes of 'gender'. We are all part of a damaged eco system, which can only be healed by the Feminine touch of Mother Earth.

Let feminine forces take the driver's seat. And let us live in a healthy, liberated and peaceful Femi9 Universe.

This 9th edition, Chitrakatha'23 will celebrate the arrival of a good earth - through workshops, interactions, screenings and collaborations. Let the stories of good design shine.

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